SyntaxError: Import statement cannot be used outside of a module
This error message typically occurs in JavaScript or TypeScript when you try to use an IMPORT statement on a file that is not recognized as a module.

To resolve this issue, you must ensure that the file that uses the IMPORT statement is treated as a module.

There are two modules to follow when developing the project structure. Below we explain how to add support for import statements to both modules.

  1. Using ECMAScript Modules (ESM):
    If you’re using Node.js, make sure the file extension is .mjs, or add “type”: “module” in your package.json file. ” Please insert it firmly. This enables the ECMAScript module and allows you to use import and export statements.
    // samplefile.mjs
    import { file_path } from `./file_path’;
  2. CommonJS modules:
    If you don’t want to use ECMAScript modules, you can use the syntax require'' instead ofimport”.This is common with CommonJS modules.


// samplefile.js
const file = require(‘./file_path’);

Import statement cannot be used outside of a module

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