In the heart of Silicon Valley, a burgeoning friendship is blossoming between two prominent figures in the tech world: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, and Jensen Huang, the head of Nvidia. Their growing camaraderie, reminiscent of a modern buddy film, is capturing attention across the tech industry.

Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg and Nvidia’s Jensen Huang:

Meta's Mark Zuckerberg and Nvidia's Jensen Huang

Both Zuckerberg and Huang oversee trillion-dollar tech empires and are often seen sporting their distinctive jackets. However, it’s their shared fondness for cheesesteaks that seems to have solidified their bond.

During a recent podcast interview with internet personality Roberto Nickson, Zuckerberg shared details of their culinary escapades, revealing, “Jensen is quite the cook, so he invited me over to his place.” Recounting the experience with excitement, he added, “When we got there, he suggested making cheesesteaks, and I was all in.”

Yet, their connection goes beyond culinary delights. Zuckerberg disclosed that their discussions delve into the intricacies of managing their tech giants. “At this stage, Jensen and I are the longest-serving tech founders of Big Tech companies,” Zuckerberg noted, highlighting their shared journey in navigating the tech landscape.

Despite Zuckerberg’s staggering net worth of $178 billion, ranking him as the world’s third-richest individual according to Bloomberg, and his recent overtaking of Elon Musk, Huang holds his own with a net worth of $74.6 billion. However, Nvidia leads in company valuation with an impressive $2.1 trillion, while Meta trails behind at $1.3 trillion.

Their friendship hasn’t escaped the notice of their followers. Zuckerberg recently posted a photo on Instagram showcasing their jacket exchange, likening Huang to “the Taylor Swift of tech.” Further strengthening their bond, Zuckerberg penned a profile of Huang for Time magazine’s Time100: Most Influential People of 2024 list, praising his unwavering leadership and foresight.

“I’ve always admired leaders who possess the determination to stick with their vision for extended periods. Jensen Huang is undoubtedly a leader in this aspect,” Zuckerberg wrote, acknowledging Huang’s significant influence on the tech scene.

Huang’s talent for “evolving and executing” has propelled Nvidia to the forefront of AI and earned him respect from Zuckerberg and other industry peers. Reflecting on Huang’s mentorship, Zuckerberg expressed gratitude, saying, “Jensen has generously offered assistance to me and other founders when we’ve encountered challenges. I deeply appreciate everything he’s done for our industry.”

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