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Apple is engaging in renewed discussions with OpenAI regarding the potential use of the startup’s technology to enhance forthcoming iPhone features, as per Bloomberg’s report citing sources. These discussions involve exploring terms for a possible agreement and the integration of OpenAI features into Apple’s upcoming iOS 18, the next iteration of the iPhone operating system.

This marks a reopening of dialogue between the two entities after earlier talks earlier in the year. Additionally, Apple continues discussions with Google regarding the potential use of its Gemini chatbot technology. However, Apple has yet to finalize its decision on which partners to collaborate with, leaving open the possibility of agreements with both OpenAI and Google, or another provider altogether.

The upcoming iPhone operating system is expected to introduce several new features based on Apple’s in-house large language model, alongside a chatbot-like feature similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The timing of these developments is notable, coming just before Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, where new AI software and services are anticipated to be unveiled. Apple aims to differentiate its offerings by emphasizing seamless integration with its devices and robust privacy protections.

While Apple CEO Tim Cook has acknowledged using OpenAI’s ChatGPT personally, he has also highlighted the need to address various issues. He has assured that new AI features will be introduced to Apple’s platforms with careful consideration.

Partnering with external entities can expedite Apple’s foray into chatbots while mitigating certain risks. By leveraging the expertise of other companies for generative AI features, Apple potentially reduces its own platform’s liabilities.