How to Add Multiple Hyperlinks in One Cell in Excel

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for managing and analyzing data, but it has its limitations. One such limitation is the inability to directly insert multiple hyperlinks in a single cell. However, with a few creative workarounds, you can achieve this functionality. In this blog post, we’ll explore two methods to embed multiple hyperlinks in a single Excel cell: using comments and utilizing VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

Method 1: Using Comments to Embed Multiple Links

One of the simplest ways to include multiple hyperlinks in a single cell is to use comments. While this method doesn’t directly embed clickable links in the cell’s content, it provides a convenient way to store and access multiple URLs.

Steps to Add Multiple Links Using Comments:

  1. Insert a Comment:
  • Right-click the cell where you want to add multiple hyperlinks.
  • Select Insert Comment.
  1. Edit the Comment:
  • Click on the border of the comment to select it.
  • Use the comment’s editing toolbar to type the URLs or descriptions of the links.
  1. Access the Links:
  • Hover over the cell to view the comment.
  • Manually copy and paste the URLs from the comment into your browser.

This method is straightforward but requires manual intervention to access the links. It’s best suited for scenarios where you need to store and reference multiple URLs without needing direct clickability within the cell content.

Method 2: Using VBA to Create Multiple Hyperlinks in One Cell

For a more interactive and dynamic solution, you can use VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) to insert multiple hyperlinks within a single cell. This method leverages Excel’s scripting capabilities to automate the process.How to Add Multiple Hyperlinks in One Cell in Excel

Steps to Add Multiple Hyperlinks in One Cell Using VBA:

  1. Open the VBA Editor:
  • Press Alt + F11 to open the VBA editor.
  1. Insert a New Module:
  • In the VBA editor, click Insert > Module to create a new module.
  1. Add the VBA Code:
  • Copy and paste the following VBA code into the module:
Sub AddMultipleHyperlinks()
    Dim cell As Range
    Dim ws As Worksheet
    Dim text As String
    Dim links As Variant
    Dim startPos As Long
    Dim linkText As String

    Set ws = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1") ' Change to your sheet name
    Set cell = ws.Range("A1") ' Change to your target cell

    ' Define the text and the links
    text = "Google Bing Yahoo"
    links = Array("", "", "")

    ' Clear any existing hyperlinks in the cell

    ' Set the cell text
    cell.Value = text

    ' Add the hyperlinks
    startPos = 1
    For i = LBound(links) To UBound(links)
        linkText = Split(text)(i)
        ws.Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=cell, Address:=links(i), _
            TextToDisplay:=linkText, _
            ScreenTip:="Click to open " & linkText, _
        startPos = startPos + Len(linkText) + 1
    Next i
End Sub
  1. Run the VBA Code:
  • Press F5 or click Run to execute the macro.
  • This will create multiple hyperlinks within the specified cell.

Explanation of the VBA Code:

  • text: This is the display text in the cell. Separate different link texts by spaces.
  • links: An array of URLs corresponding to the display texts.
  • cell: The cell where the hyperlinks will be added.
  • ws: The worksheet where the cell is located.
Example Multiple Hyperlinks in One Cell:

If the cell A1 should contain “Google Bing Yahoo” with each word being a hyperlink to the corresponding search engine:

  • text = "Google Bing Yahoo"
  • links = Array("", "", "")

This code will clear any existing hyperlinks in the target cell, set the cell’s value to the combined text, and then add each hyperlink to the appropriate word within the cell. This approach simulates the effect of having multiple hyperlinks in a single cell, leveraging the interactive features of Excel and VBA.

Multiple Hyperlinks in One Cell


While Excel doesn’t natively support multiple hyperlinks in a single cell, these workarounds enable you to achieve similar functionality. Using comments is a quick and easy method, while VBA provides a more dynamic and interactive solution. Choose the method that best suits your needs and enhance your Excel spreadsheets with multiple hyperlinks in a single cell. Happy linking! How to Add Multiple Hyperlinks in One Cell in Excel


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